Balancing eggs on the spring equinox

Class, Physics, Science
Balancing eggs

The equinoxes don’t make it any easier to balance raw eggs.

It is a popular myth that the spring equinox is the one day of the year that raw eggs can be perfectly balanced on end. When I was in elementary school, entire classes at my school would go outside with a bunch of eggs and try to balance them in a row. More often than not, we would just end up with a bunch of egg splattered on the sidewalk. Despite the popularity of the myth, there is no scientific basis to it. The equinoxes—both Spring and Fall—are the two days every year when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is angled neither toward nor away from the sun. Unfortunately for egg-balancing enthusiasts, however, this has no effect on how gravity on Earth works. Furthermore, there is no scientific reason to believe that only eggs would be affected by this apparent gravitational phenomenon. While it may sometimes be possible to balance a raw egg on its end, this would be achieved with great patience and concentration, not a certain tilt of the Earth’s axis.


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